Krazy Kritters

In July 2007, Gerry Bowman started a Hagen-Renaker club for children on her website, Little-Shoppe. The club, called Kid’s Korner, offered free membership for children ages 12 and under, and featured regular special runs of “Krazy Kritters,” tiny Miniatures decorated in bright fantasy colors and available exclusively to members. Kid’s Korner also included online games and a “Wish List” feature for children to keep track of their wants in Hagen-Renaker. Gerry frequently packed a little freebie in with the children’s orders, and also sent Hagen-Renaker Miniatures as Christmas gifts to her Kid’s Korner members.

Kid’s Korner continued for four years. The Krazy Kritters were produced in runs of 50 each, with a new piece released monthly. In the last year, 2010, this slowed to every three months. The club ended after 2010 due to Gerry Bowman’s illness; Little-Shoppe continued to sell the remaining Krazy Kritters until the stock was depleted.

This is the complete list of 34 Krazy Kritters with their stock numbers at Little-Shoppe:

July 2007, A-181 Persian kitten (purple)

August 2006, A-1991 Listening Rabbit baby (lime green)

September 2007, A-8231 Tiny Piglet, standing (blue with black spots)

October 2007, A-4791, Box Turtle baby (pink)

November 2007, A-4771 Frog baby (blue)

December 2007, A-4531 Mini mini foal (yellow with orange mane and tail)

January 2008, A-40, Tiny Hen (blue)

February 2008, A-8241, Tiny Piglet, seated (orange-pink with black spots)

March 2008, A-2961, Little Brother Mouse (orange)

April 2008, A-2191, Long-Billed Duck Baby (green)

May 2008, A-0001, Lamb [Specialties Nativity Lamb] (yellow)

June 2008, A-4781, Tadpole (orange-pink)

July 2008, A-191, Persian kitten (pink)

August 2008, A-3496, Thin Poodle pup (green)

September 2008, A-8231, Tiny Piglet, standing (yellow with black spots)

October 2008, A-2792, Box Turtle baby (turquoise)

November 2008, A-4772, Frog baby (orange)

December 2008, A-4532, Mini-mini foal, purple

January 2009, A-0040, Tiny hen (rosy pink)

February 2009, A-8241, Tiny Piglet, seated (green)

March 2009, A-2919, Long-billed Duck baby (blue)

April 2009, A-2191, Big Brother mouse (blue)

May 2009, A-001, Lamb [Specialties Nativity Lamb] (green)

June 2009, A-949 Koala baby (purple)

July 2009, A-191, Persian Kitten (yellow)

August 2009, A-3495 Thin Poodle pup (purple)

September 2009, A-911, Cocker pup playing (blue)

October 2009, A-1911, Indian Elephant baby (pink)

November 2009, A-041 Tiny Siamese kitten walking (purple)

December 2009, A-4532 Mini-mini foal (pink with blue mane and tail)

January-March 2010, A-32301, Toy Poodle (purple)

April-June 2010, A-03382, Chihuahua pup begging (green)

July-September 2010, A-2014, Harp seal (orange)

October-December 2010, A-949, Koala baby (blue)

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