Update, August 2019

After two years, it’s high time for an update!

The Field Guide is continually being revised with new information and photos of new and newly-discovered pieces as they become available. The Disney section is finally under construction, beginning with the “Lady and the Tramp” line. In addition, a new “Resource” category in the FAQ has been added. This area will feature lists and other resources which may be helpful to the collector; currently included are complete lists of the Golden Feng Shui and Krazy Kritter Special Run lines.

I am looking forward to adding more sections and improving the existing ones. As always, the contributions of members are greatly desired! The most pressing needs are photos of Miniature Boxed Sets and all Disney pieces, as well as photos of any pieces which are listed but currently missing an image. If you have photos I can use, please drop me a line. All photos are watermarked with the contributor’s name and will not be used apart from this site.

Happy collecting!

Welcome to the Hagen-Renaker Field Guide

I’m glad you’re here!

The Hagen-Renaker Field Guide is an online-only collector’s manual. Eventually, all Hagen-Renaker lines will be cataloged here. At present, the Miniatures, Specialties/Stoneware and Black Bisque lines have been completed; Disney and Designer’s Workshop are under construction; Little Horribles are coming soon!

Special attention has been paid to providing accurate and up-to date information on mold names, dates, numbers, colorways, and other information. This is NOT a repeat of previously published work; it is based on entirely new research from primary sources–Hagen-Renaker’s Mold Book, Order Forms, and other materials. Photos are all new.

Please note that the first set of categories you will see when you browse are all Miniatures. Miniatures have been given priority because they are by far the most numerous Hagen-Renaker line. Under the Miniatures categories are links to Designer’s Workshop, Specialties, and the other lines.

Please let me know about any specific problems you find by using the Contact link. Also, the FAQ section is a great place to start if you have questions about the Field Guide.