Boxed Miniature Sets

Boxed Miniature Sets were introduced in Fall 1959. Two or three Miniatures from the current line were glued together on a single card, which was then itself glued into a small hinged plastic box. The cards were the same standard cards used for single pieces, and the Miniatures were usually affixed to the printed side, less often to the blank side.

Over the next three seasons, more sets were added, for a total of 33 different sets. The final season was Spring 1961. All of these sets are mounted to cards marked Monrovia.

Boxed Miniatures reappeared for a single season in San Dimas. Although the San Dimas order form is not dated, internal evidence—the date at which all the Miniatures being used in the sets were being produced simultaneously–indicates that it must have been Fall 1978. Longtime collector Nancy Falzone confirmed that she wrote this date on her own copy of the order form when she acquired it shortly after the sets were released.

The 33 Monrovia sets were identified by letters of the alphabet, as “Set A,” “Set B,” and so forth. After reaching Z, the names began again with AA, BB, etc. Note that the letters I and V were not used. The 40 San Dimas sets were only identified by the item number of one of the pieces in the set; for instance, the set comprising a Dachshund adult and pup was #347.

The colorways of Miniatures in boxed sets may vary, but I have not seen colorways in boxed sets that differ from the pieces available individually during the same production year. Some combinations of Miniatures were produced both in Monrovia and San Dimas (e.g. Siamese kittens and Spilled Milk, Pelicans, Mice and Cheese) but of course these are easy to distinguish by the factory location printed on the cards.

All Boxed Miniatures sets are hard to find, mainly because of their very short production dates, but also because owners tended to remove the pieces from the boxes.

This is a complete list of the 1959-61 and 1978 Boxed Miniature sets. Photos are shown in the “Accessories” category under “Boxed Miniature Sets.”

Boxed Bassets set, Set 954, F78. “2 Bassets,” adult & baby running Bassets

Boxed Bear Cubs and Bee’s Nest Set, Set “R,” S60-F60. Bear cub sister, Bear cub brother, Bee’s Nest. Note: The Bee’s Nest is not attached to the card, but to the lid of the box

Boxed Bear Cubs and Bee’s Nest Set #2, Set 397, F78. “2 Bear Cubs with Beehive,” Bear cub sister, Bear cub brother, Bee’s Nest. Note: The Bee’s Nest is not attached to the card, but to the lid of the box.

Boxed Beavers set, Set 399, F78. “2 Beavers,” Beaver paws up; Beaver paws down

Boxed Beavers and Stump Set, Set “Q,” S60-F60. Beaver paws up, Beaver paws down, Stump

Boxed Butterflies set, Set “FF,” S61. Butterfly adult, Butterfly baby

Boxed Cat and Mouse set, Set 955, F78. “Cat and Mouse”, Siamese Papa cat, stalking; Mouse, large bottom/small shoulders

Boxed Caterpillars set, Set 241, F78. “3 Caterpillars,” Caterpillar Papa with Hat; Caterpillar Mama with Hat; Brother Caterpillar

Boxed Cavemen set, Set 071, F78. “2 Cavemen” Sitting Caveman; Junior Caveman

Boxed Chihuahuas set, Set 337, F78. “2 Chihuahuas”, Chihuahua Mama; Chihuahua Pup, begging

Boxed Chipmunks set, Set 333, F78. “2 Chipmunks,” Chipmunk Mama, facing left; Chipmunk Baby, seated

Boxed Cocker Spaniels set, Set 90, F78. “3 Cockers”, Cocker Spaniel Mama; Cocker Pup, playful; Cocker Pup, on hind legs

Boxed Coin Turtles set, Set 203, F78. “2 Coin Turtles,” Coin turtle adult; Coin turtle baby

Boxed Dachshunds set, Set 347, F78. “2 Dachshunds”, Dachshund Mama, Dachshund Puppy, seated

Boxed Duck and Duckling set, Set “AA,” F60-S61. Duck Mama head left (A-443), Duck Baby, crouching (A-440).

Boxed Ducks set, Set 319, F78. “3 Ducks,” Papa duck, Short-Billed Duck; Short-Billed Duckling

Boxed Long-Billed Ducks set, Set 218, F78. “2 Ducks,” Long-billed Duck Mama; Long-Billed duckling

Boxed Ducks and Nest set, Set 219, F78. “2 Ducks w/Nest,” Papa duck, Long-Billed Duck Mama; Long-Billed Duckling, Nest

Boxed Fantail Fish and Sea Snail set, Set “U,” S60. Fantail Fish, Sea Snail

Boxed Fawn and Log set, Set “M,” F59-S60. Lying Fawn (A-190) and Log [from Black Bisque Vulture]

Boxed Fawn and Log set, Set “Y,” F60-S61. Fawn, lying, leg out (A-435), Log (A-435A)

Boxed Frog and Mushrooms set, Set “S,” S60. Frog (A-405), Mushrooms (A-406 and A-407)

Boxed Frog Prince and Mushroom set, Set 344, F78. Frog prince; Large mushroom (A-406).

Boxed Frogs set, Set 448, F78. “2 Frogs”, Frog Mama (A-448); Frog Baby (A-477).

Boxed Frogs and Tadpole set, Set “BB,” F60-S61. Frog Mama (A-448); Frog Baby (A-447); Tadpole

Boxed Hen and Chick set, Set 372, F78. “Hen and Chick,” Squatty hen; Smallest Chick

Boxed Hen, Chick, and Egg set, Set “Z,” F60-S61. Small Hen, feathered feet (A-446), Chick, big head (A-447); Chicken Egg (A-446A)

Boxed Hen, Chicks and Nest set, Set 375, F78. “Hen, Nest and 3 Chicks,” Squatty hen, Nest, 3 Smallest Chicks

Boxed Horned Owls set, Set 155, F78. “2 Horned Owls,” Owl Mama (A-135); Baby Owl (A-156)

Boxed Hound Dawg and Hydrant set, Set “J,” F59-S61. Hound Dawg Pup playing; Hound Dawg Pup sitting; Hydrant ;

Boxed Hound Dawg and Hydrant set #2, Set 474. F78. “2 Hound Dogs w/Hydrant”, Hound Dawg adult; Hound Dawg Pup playing; Hydrant

Boxed Hound Dawgs set, Set “F,” F59-S61. Hound Dawg Adult; Hound Dawg Pup playing

Boxed Inchworms set, Set “GG,” S61. Inchworm Adult w/hat, Inchworm Baby w/hat

Boxed Koalas set, Set 950, F78. “2 Koalas,” Koala Mama; Koala Baby

Boxed Lamb and Sheep set, Set 276, F78. “Lamb and Sheep,” Ewe; Lamb, head forward

Boxed Lord and Lady Bug set, Set “X,” S60-S61. Lord Bug, Lady Bug

Boxed Mice and Cheese set, Set “K,” F59-S61. Mama Mouse (A-356), Baby Mouse (A-180), Cheese Wedge;

Boxed Mice and Cheese set #2, Set 295, F78. “2 Mice with Cheese” Big Brother Mouse (A-295); Little Brother Mouse; Cheese Wedge

Boxed Mice set, Set “B,” F59-S61. Mama Mouse (A-356), Reclining Mouse (A-358), Baby Mouse (A-180)

Boxed Mice set, Set 356, F78. “3 Mice,” Mama Mouse (A-356), other mice uncertain.

Boxed Owls and Book set, Set “P,” S60-S61. Professor Owl (A-421), Barn Owl Baby; Book

Boxed Pandas set, Set “JJ,” S61. Panda standing (A-493); Panda on three legs (A-494)

Boxed Pelican set, Set “O,” F59. Mama Pelican, Baby Pelican.

Boxed Pelican set #2, Set 101, F78. “2 Pelicans,” Mama Pelican, Baby Pelican;

Boxed Pekingese set, Set 033, F78. “2 Pekingese,” Pekingese Mama (A-033); Pekingese Baby (A-034)

Boxed Penguin and Seal set, Set 232, F78. “Penguin and Baby Seal,” Penguin Baby, wing up; Seal Baby (A-974).

Boxed Persians set, Set 207, F78. “2 Persians”, Persian Cat, reclining (A-207); Persian kitten (A-019)

Boxed Persian Kitten, Milk Bottle, and Milk Bowl set, Set “L,” F59-S60. Persian Kitten Playing (A-386), Milk Bottle, Milk Bowl

Boxed Pigs set, Set 370, F78. “2 Pigs,” Tiny Pig Mama (A-370); Begging Piglet (A-165).

Boxed Rabbit Babies and Stump set, Set “C,” F59-F60. Listening Rabbit Baby [pink]; Listening Rabbit Baby [blue]; Flat-top stump

Boxed Rabbits set, Set “DD,” F60-S61. Rabbit mama ears down(A-442); Rabbit baby ears down (A-449).

Boxed Rabbits set, Set 199, F78. “2 Rabbits,” Rabbit Mama ears flat (A-980); Rabbit Baby ears up (A-979). Note: The set number 199 corresponds to the Listening Rabbit Baby, but the order form does not appear to show this piece.

Boxed Rabbits and Nest set, Set 442, F78. “2 Rabbits, Nest with Eggs,” Rabbit Mama ears down (A-442); Rabbit Baby ears up (A-979); Nest with colored eggs.

Boxed Robins set, Set 167, F78. “2 Robins”, Robin Baby beak closed (A-168a); Robin Baby beak open (A-168b).

Boxed Seahorse and Flat fish set, Set “W,” S60-F60. Seahorse, Coin Fish

Boxed Siamese Cat and Kitten set, Set “G,” F59-S61. Siamese Cat Washing Paw (A-367); Tiny Siamese Kitten seated (A-368)

Boxed Siamese Kittens set, Set 004, F78. “4 Kittens”, Tiny Siamese Kitten seated; Tiny Siamese Kitten drinking; Tiny Siamese Kitten walking; Tiny Siamese Kitten, paw up.

Boxed Siamese Kittens and Spilled Milk set, Set “A,” F59-S61. Tiny Siamese Kitten seated; Tiny Siamese kitten drinking; Spilled Milk.

Boxed Siamese Kittens and Spilled Milk set #2, Set 239, F78. “Spilled Milk, 2 Kittens,” Tiny Siamese Kitten seated; Tiny Siamese kitten drinking; Spilled Milk.

Boxed Skunks and Atomizer set, Set “N,” F59-F60. Classic Skunk Mama; Classic Skunk Baby; Atomizer

Boxed Skunks set, Set “D,” F59-S61. Classic Skunk Mama; two Classic Skunk Babies.

Boxed Skunks set #2, Set 95, F78. “2 Skunks,” Classic Skunk Mama; CLassic Skunk Baby.

Boxed Snails set, Set “HH,” S61. Snail adult (A-48); Snail baby (A-488)

Boxed Snowy Owl set, Set 421, F78. “2 Snowy Owls,” Snowy Owl adult; Snowy Owl baby

Boxed Squirrel and Log set, Set “H,” F59-S61. Robyn’s Squirrel Baby (A-272); Log (A-435a).

Boxed Teddy Bears set, Set 465, F78. “3 Teddy Bears,” Teddy Bear Mama; Teddy Bear Big Brother; Teddy Bear Little Brother.

Boxed Teddy Bears and Stump set, Set “E,” F59- S60. Teddy Bear Big Brother; Teddy Bear Little Brother; Flat-top Stump

Boxed Tree Frogs set, Set 221, F78. “2 Tree Frogs,” Tree Frog Mama; Tree Frog Baby.

Boxed Turtle and Lily Pad set, Set “T,” S60-S61. Box Turtle adult (A-419), Water Lily (A-420a).

Boxed Turtle and Turtle Baby Set “CC,” F60-S61. Box Turtle mama (A-419); Box Turtle baby (A-479).

Boxed Tweetie Birds set, Set “EE,” S61. Tweetie Bird Papa (A-482); Tweetie Bird Baby (A-495).

Boxed Tweetie Birds set #2, Set 482, F78. Tweetie Bird Papa (A-482); Tweetie Bird Baby (A-495).

Boxed Tweetie Birds and Nest set, Set 481, F78. “3 Tweeties with Nest,” Tweetie Bird Mama (A-481), two Tweetie Bird babies (A-495); Nest.

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