Feng Shui Golden Miniatures

In Spring 2006, Gerry Bowman introduced “Feng Shui” Golden Miniatures, a series of special run pieces sold only through her online store, Little-Shoppe. The line consisted of current-mold Miniature animals overlaid with 24-karat gold to represent the Chinese art of Feng Shui. As the website stated,

“Feng Shui is an ancient art of arranging your surroundings to attract positive life energy so that it flows smoothly, unblocking any obstructions in your body and environment. Feng Shui evolved from the theory that people are affected for better or worse by their surroundings.”

The Feng Shui Golden Miniatures each represented an aspect of good health or good fortune, and these were mentioned in their descriptions. For example, the Golden Crab: “The crab represents speed, agility and quicksilver thinking…For anyone in the midst of career success or scholarly pursuits.”

Eventually, there were 22 Golden Miniatures, four Golden Specialties horses, and three additional pieces that were not gold-plated but complemented the line. No doubt to please the clientele, horses were overrepresented in the Feng Shui line. Prices ranged from $9.75 for the little Golden Koi to $42.50 for the Golden (Specialties) Skywalker.

About a year after the Feng Shui pieces were released, Hagen-Renaker owner Sue Nikas remarked that the price of gold had gone so high, she did not intend to produce any more gold-plated Miniatures. Little-Shoppe continued to sell the remaining pieces for several years until the stock was sold out.

This is a complete list of the Feng Shui Golden Miniatures. All were produced in 2006.

FS33291 (A-3329) Golden Sitting Cat

FS40041 (A-4004) Golden Boxing Cat

FS8471 (A-8471) Golden Pig

FS30631 (A-3063) Golden Afghan

FS33431 (A-3343) Golden Greyhound

FS821 (A-82) Golden Poodle

FS-20391 (A-2039) Golden Rooster

FS40031 (A-4003) Hen with Golden Eggs

Note: The Hen was the regular run color (white); only the eggs were gold plated.

FS1891 (A-189) Golden Papa Deer

FS2022 (A-202) Golden Mama Deer

FS2631 (A-263) Golden Elephant

FS40051 (A-010) Golden Seabiscuit

FS2351 (A-235) Golden Colt

FS2049 (A-2049) Golden Arabian Horse

FS33491 (A-3349) Golden Stallion

FS3360 (A-3360) Golden Pony Colt

FS3362 (A-3362) Golden Crab

FS3377 (A-3377) Golden Koi

FS9651 (A-965) Golden Dolphin

FS3442 (A-344) Golden Frog

FS3442K (A-344) Golden Frog Prince

FS33211 (A-332) Golden Turtle

FS33571 (A-3357) Running Horse One

FS33572 (A-3357) Running Horse Two

FS33573 (A-3357) Running Horse Three

Note: The horses from the Specialties piece A-3357, “Three Wild Horses,” were made as single, freestanding Feng Shui pieces.

FS32841 (A-3284) Golden Skywalker

The following three pieces were not gold-plated:

FS3321 (A-479 and A-332) Two Turtles

Note: This consists of A-479 (Box Turtle Baby) standing on the shell of A-332 (Coin Turtle), both in the normal green color.

“Su” Chinese Girl (Black hair, blue or yellow outfit and hair bows)

“Le” Chinese Boy (Black hair, blue or yellow outfit and bird)

Notes: The issue price of “Su” and “Le” was $70 each.

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