I can’t find my piece on this website.

Try using fewer or different words in the search bar. Browse through appropriate categories. If you still can’t find your piece,

  • It may not be an HR; see How can I identify a non-HR piece?
  • It may be a Hagen-Renaker, but from a line that has not yet been added to this website, such as Designer’s Workshop or Disney. All of these lines will eventually be added; in the meantime, Ed and Sheri Alcorn’s Hagen-Renaker Online Museum (http://hagenrenakermuseum.com/) is a good starting point for identifying other Hagen-Renaker lines.
  • If you still can’t identify your piece, send me a close-up, color photo and I will see if I can help. An additional photo of the bottom of the piece would be helpful.
Category: Identification

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