My piece is a different color from those shown.

  • It may be a production colorway that I don’t have a photo of. Check to see if your color is found in the list of colorways for that piece.
  • It may be a test piece. Most Hagen-Renaker test pieces are marked on the base with handwritten letters and/or numbers.
  • It may be a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. Hagen-Renaker decorators sometimes paint figurines with unusual or whimsical colors for their own collections or for friends.
  • It may have been repainted after release from the factory. Look for places where paint may have been chipped, or around the base to see, if another color is lurking underneath.
  • It may be a previously unknown colorway that was actually a production run. Please send me a photo!
  • It may not be an Hagen-Renaker at all. See How can I tell if I have an HR copy?
Category: Identification

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