Why have the names of some pieces changed?

One problem the Hagen-Renaker researcher faces is that there are too many names! 

Each mold was given a name in the original Mold Book. This name was often changed to something else on the order forms. Some pieces have been sold by the factory under five or six different names. 

At the same time, collectors naturally prefer for each piece to have one standard name (the “Collector Name.”) Since many collectors are already familiar with the names used in the Charlton Standard Catalogue of Hagen-Renaker, most of them have been retained here and are used as the heading for each entry. However, some have been slightly altered to ensure that every piece has a unique, memorable name. For instance, I eliminated words such as “style one” or “version two” in favor of a more descriptive title. In such cases, the Charlton Collector Name is always included in the notes for easy reference.

The Hagen-Renaker Mold Book name for each piece is given in Italics. These names are often enlightening or amusing. Mold Book names are not available to me for new molds created beyond 2004 (model number A-4014).

Finally, the name(s) a piece was given on the order forms are also included, with the years they appeared. 

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