Who helped create this site?

I could not have created this site without standing on the shoulders of dedicated collectors and researchers who made it possible by collecting HR order forms and other ephemera, creating lists, taking pictures, making notes, and keeping their eyes open. 

Kristina Lucas Francis persisted in asking, prodding, and encouraging me to work on this project from the beginning to the end. She answered endless technical questions and soothed my worries that it would never get done. She also researched and photographed the Designer’s Workshop and Black Bisque sections as well as composing the beautiful photo on the Home Page. Thanks so much, Kristina, it wouldn’t have happened without you! 

Gayle Roller, Nancy Kelly, Ed Alcorn, and Jane Chapman were unfailingly available, patient, and helpful in answering my questions. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful Hagen-Renaker reference books and websites, which I consulted constantly. 

Heather Wells generously provided me access to her notes, invited me over for photography sessions, told Hagen-Renaker stories, and always made me laugh. Thanks for your friendship, Heather!

Nancy Falzone patiently copied factory paperwork, sent photos, and allowed me to buy pieces from her legendary collection. Bonnie Elber also contributed Hagen-Renaker order forms. Teresa Rogers and Jo Ellen Arnold offered helpful information and photos. Joan Berkwitz was supportive and generous.  Thanks to all of you!

Edward L. Larson graciously contributed photos of the current Specialties and Pedigree Dogs lines. Tracy Cressey and I spent a wonderful afternoon photographing special pieces from her unique collection. Other photos have been contributed by Thomas Messino of Aboard Noah’s Ark, Sarah Wellman, Kirsten Wellman, Diana Dubbeld, Charlie Chipinski, Janet Holmaas Hicks, Jeannie McCall, Dara West, and others. Joe Anderson designed the website so I could finally get this project off the ground.

My husband, Rob, had no idea what he was starting all those years ago when he suggested I, as a Breyer model horse collector, place a Wanted ad in the local Pennysaver. That ad unearthed a small grouping of old Hagen-Renaker horses less than a mile from my house…and that was, as they say, the beginning of the end. Far from regretting his rash advice, every so often Rob still reminds me not to forget that he was the One Who Started It All.

My need to identify those Hagen-Renakers led me to search for the name of a local collector in my model-horse magazines. Gale Good willingly agreed to come over and help out (wouldn’t we all?!) She then promptly took me under her wing and invited me to share her sales table at the upcoming Model Horse Collector’s Jamboree in Ontario, CA. This became an annual event and introduced me to a new world of real live collectors. Thanks for everything, Gale! 

Thanks, Lani Keller and Tracy Phillips, for your many years of friendship and support. Thanks to the members of the Facebook groups: Hagen-Renaker, The Clinky Connection, and The Horse You Want, who make this hobby such an enjoyable one.

And special recognition to the late Denise Deen, an amazing and generous friend who not only understood but shared my obsession with Hagen-Renaker miniatures, and who would have been as pleased and excited at the culmination of this project as I am. She is greatly missed.

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