Arabian Mare, Zara, small

Arabian Mare, Zara, small

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B-708 Arabian Mare Zara, small

Designer: Maureen Love

Height: 6 ½”

Production Dates:

F1959-S1960, as “Arabian Mare ‘Zara’”

F1960-F1961, as “Arabian Mare ‘Zara’ grey/white”

S1962-F1962, as “Arabian Mare”

S1963-F1968, as “Arabian Mare ‘Zara’”

S1968-S1973; S1975, as “Arabian Mare grey/white” (matte white, matte rose grey, matte doeskin)

2006-2021, as “Small Zara” (Limited Edition of 1000, on base. Spring 2006 colorway was charcoal; a charcoal with star variation was available only to Hagen-Renaker Collector’s Club members. Retail price was $200.

In Fall 2006, the colorways were extended to include palomino, bay, chestnut, and dapple grey. By 2021 the mold was available in all of the above plus black, dark chestnut, white, rose gray, buckskin, palomino, black and white pinto, and calico pinto. Later pieces do not have a base. Retail price in 2021 was $225, $250 for dapple grey. A total of 166 were made.)  

Mold Book Name: Arabian Mare

Notes: The 1959-1960s grey colorway ranges from rose grey (earlier) to doeskin (later).

Sub-Category: Horses Arabian