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D-394, Vulture

Height: 2”

Designer: Nell Bortells

Production Dates:
as Vulture S1958
as The Vulture F1958-S1959
as Vulture, F1959

Motto: Come on KID / make up your MIND!

Mold Book Name: Vulture

Notes: The mold number D-394 probably refers to a larger Vulture mold, which was apparently sculpted as a prototype. Although examples exist, it was not a production piece.

The small Vulture which was actually released in the Little Horribles line appears in the Mold Book in the Miniatures section as A-366. The companion piece, Log, is noted as A-366a. This Log was later reissued in the Miniatures line, and paired with A-190 Fawn in the 1959-60 Fawn and Log boxed set.

Sub-Category: Little Horribles