Vintage Colt

Vintage Colt

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A-174, Vintage Colt

Height: 1”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

2013, as A-174B “Vintage Colt” (Black/white pinto)

2013, test piece sold through Gerry Bowman’s Little-Shoppe; approximately 25 made(Brown)

Mold Book Name: Zebra, baby

Notes: This piece is a reissue of A-174, Zebra baby. It is also listed in the Mold Book as A-4049, Vintage Colt--Helen's Zebra Colt. 

The numbers and photos of A-412, A-413, A-173 and A-174 were confused in Charlton.

Category: HORSES
Sub-Category: All other horses