Turtle Mama

Turtle Mama

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A-203, Turtle Mama

Height: 1”

Designer: Don Winton/Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

S1952-S1955, as “Mama Turtle” (Green/gold outlined shell, closed or open eyes)

F1970-F1972, as “Mama Turtle” (Green/brown bisque shell)

S1973-F1978, as “Mama Coin Turtle” (Green)

Mold Book Name: Turtle, mama, detailed

Notes: This piece has also been associated with Mold Book number A-162. A-203, the only number which has appeared on the order forms, is apparently a more detailed revision, by Helen Perrin Farnlund, of Don Winton’s A-161. The 1952-55 pieces are the earlier mold. Note the smooth plates on the shell of the gold-outlined piece.

Sub-Category: Turtles and Tortoises