Thoroughbred Racehorse “Swaps”

Thoroughbred Racehorse “Swaps”

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A-457, Thoroughbred Racehorse “Swaps”

Height: 3”

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates:

S1959-S1961, as “Thoroughbred” (Matte dark chestnut)

F1961; F1964-S1971, as “Swaps” (Matte dark chestnut)

F1991-S1993; F2008-2021, as “Swaps” (Gloss red chestnut, with or without base)

2011, as “Willie B,” Special Run for HW Sales, 60 made (Grey blanket Appaloosa)

Mold Book Name: Horse “Swaps”

Notes: The 2011 Special Run formed a set with A-4048 “Happy Hound” in red chestnut. 

Early matte Swaps were sold with a “Race Ticket.” The one shown has had the name altered, but is otherwise original.

Category: HORSES
Sub-Category: Thoroughbreds