Teddy Bear, Little Brother

Teddy Bear, Little Brother

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A-467, Teddy Bear, Little Brother

Height: 5/8”

Designer: Don Winton (left pawn down), Helen Perrin Farnlund (right paw down)

Production Dates:

S1959-S1960, as “Little Brother Teddy” (Dark or light brown/detailed face [right paw down])

F1965-S1969, as “Bear (baby)” ([left paw down])

S1970-F1975; F1976-F1992; F1995-S2000, as “Baby Teddy Bear” (Light brown) [left paw down]

[dates unknown] European Special Run (Black)

Mold Book Name: Bear baby, small 

Notes: The two molds are sometimes distinguished as A-467(a)–right paw down, and A-467(b)–left paw down, which was originally the Disney piece, Michael’s Teddy Bear. 1959 Boxed Sets include A-467(a); the A-467(b) mold was licensed to Disney at this time. Since 1965, the former Disney Michael’s Teddy Bear mold has been used for Little Brother Teddy Bear, and the mold with left paw down has not been reissued.

This right-paw-down piece was designed by Helen Perrin Farnlund, but has sometimes been incorrectly attributed to Don Winton. 

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