Shetland Pony Stallion, Wrangler

Shetland Pony Stallion, Wrangler

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B-566 Shetland Pony Stallion, Wrangler

Designer: Maureen Love

Height: 4”

Production Dates:

S1954-F1955, as “Shetland Stallion ‘Wrangler’” (grey pinto (earlier [rare]), brown pinto (later))

F1956-S1957, as “Shetland Stallion ‘Wrangler’” (soft brown chestnut)

S1967-F1967, as “Shetland Stallion” (red dun, matte)

2011 (Special Run for Breyerfest. 50 each made in gloss rose grey and gloss chestnut with flaxen mane/tail)

Mold Book Name: Stallion, Shetland

Notes: Mold B-566 was later sold in black pinto as 566, Specialties “Pinto Pony Stallion.” The mold was also reduced in size and released as 3345 Specialties “Pony ‘Wrangler'”.

Sub-Category: Horses Gaited, Drafter, Pony