Shepherd with Crook

Shepherd with Crook

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3039, Shepherd with Crook 

Height: 1 ½”

Designer: Robert McGuinness

Production Dates: as “Shepherd with Crook,” F1991-F1992 (light brown hair, brown cloak, dark brown crook)

as “Shepherd with Sheep and Lamb set” F2000-present [includes 3075 and 3076] (dark brown hair, tan cloak, white or brown crook)

Mold Book Name: Shepard w/Crook

Notes: The first release of the Shepherd had light brown hair and a black crook; the 2000 re-issue had dark hair and a cream-colored crook. Around 2017 the crook again was painted brown. 

This is the only shepherd which was available singly. The more recent version, shown on the left, was only available in a set with sheep and lamb. 

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