Shepherd with Crook

Shepherd with Crook

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3039, Shepherd with Crook 

Height: 1 ½”

Designer: Robert McGuinness

Production Dates: as “Shepherd with Crook,” F1991-F1992 (light brown hair, brown cloak, dark brown crook)

as “Shepherd with Sheep and Lamb set” F2000-2021 [includes 3075 and 3076] (dark brown hair, tan cloak, white or brown crook)

Mold Book Name: Shepard w/Crook

Notes: The first release of the Shepherd was sold individually and had light brown hair and a black crook. The 2000 re-issue was sold in a set with sheep and lamb and had dark hair and a cream-colored crook. Around 2017 the crook again was painted brown. 

Sub-Category: Specialties Other