Republican Elephant

Republican Elephant

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A-308, Republican Elephant

Height: 1 5/8”

Designer: Nell Bortells

Production Dates:

F1956, as “Republican Elephant” (Grey, hole in trunk, with flag)

F1967, as “Republican Elephant” (Light brown, pink inner ears, with flag [rare])

S2000-2021, as “Baby Elephant” (Pinkish brown, revised mold; see Notes)

Mold Book Name: Elephant, Republican

Notes: Almost all of the original flags are missing. In 1956, the flag was pennant-shaped, marked with a capital R, and attached to a short stick which was glued to the elephant’s trunk. In 1967, the flag was glued to the elephant's foot.

The mold was revised in 2000. The new mold has several differences; most noticeably, more detailed ears, an open mouth, and more wrinkle detail.

Category: WILDLIFE
Sub-Category: Elephants