Mustang Colt, Butch

Mustang Colt, Butch

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B-732 Mustang Colt, Butch

Designer: Maureen Love

Height: 4 ½”

Production Dates:

F1960-F1961, as “Mustang Colt ‘Butch’”

F1964-F1965, as “Mustang Colt ‘Maverick’”

F1968, as “Mustang Colt” F1968 (matte bay, dark brown, “pinto” [brown with one white leg], or buckskin / tan [no black on legs])

c. 2010-2021, as “Butch, Mustang Foal, standing” (Available in gloss charcoal gray, black, bay, dark chestnut, light chestnut, gray, white, rose gray, buckskin, palomino, black and white pinto, calico pinto, dapple grey. Retail price $100, $125 for dapple grey).

Mold Book Name: Mustang Colt

Notes: The name “Maverick” was also used for B-688 Quarter Horse.

Sub-Category: Horses Quarter Mustang Appaloosa