Morgan Foal, scampering

Morgan Foal, scampering

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A-391, Morgan Foal, scampering

Height: 2”

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates:

F1959-S1960, as “Morgan Colt head down” (Matte chestnut; Matte palomino)

F1960-S1961, as “Morgan Colt head down, brown/palomino” (Matte chestnut; Matte palomino)

S1965-S1967, as “Morgan Colt” (Matte chestnut; Matte palomino)

2007, Special Run, on base, 50 made of each (Charcoal, Buckskin, Gloss Palomino, Gloss Chestnut)

Notes: As a general rule, the earlier (Monrovia) palominos and chestnuts have dark brown shading; the later (San Dimas) issues have black or no shading.

Mold Book Name: Colt, Morgan, head down      

Category: HORSES
Sub-Category: Arabians and Morgans