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A-435A, Log

Length: 2”

Designer: Nell Bortells

Production Dates:

F1960-S1961; F1969 (Grey bisque)

Mold Book Name: Log

Notes: This Log was originally paired with the Small Vulture in the Little Horribles line. Later it was used as an accessory in four Boxed Miniatures sets in 1960 and 1961: two different Lying Fawn molds (A-190 and A-435), A-199 Whispering Rabbit Babies, and A-272 Squirrel Baby.

In 1969, a set (not boxed) was sold which included a different bisque log and A-418, Tiny Fawn. This log was apparently modified from the original Little Horribles log which had been turned upside down. In both comparison photos, the original sculpt is on the left and the later modification on the right.  

Sub-Category: Plants and Fungi