Listening Rabbit Baby

Listening Rabbit Baby

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A-199, Listening Rabbit Baby

Height: 1 1/8”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

S1953-S1956, as “Baby Rabbit (pink/blue)” (Pink, detailed face; Blue, Brown)

S1959-F1959, as “Baby Rabbit (pink/white)” (Pink, detailed face; White, detailed face)

S1964-F1966, as “Baby Rabbit” (Matte brown [?]; White, claw detail)

F1970-F1973, as “Baby Rabbit (pink/white)” Pink, no extra detail, White, no extra detail)

S1976-2021, as “Baby Rabbit” (White, no extra detail; Gray [htf])

August 2007, as A-1991, Special Run for Little-Shoppe, 50 made (Lime green)

Mold Book Name: Rabbit, baby

Notes: The 1970-73 pink colorway is very pale and easily mistaken for white. Although brown was never mentioned on the order forms, the common gloss brown colorway was probably made during the 1950s. The hard-to-find gloss gray colorway is probably a later 1970s or 1980s variation. 

Category: WILDLIFE
Sub-Category: Rabbits