Arabian Stallion, Fez, large

Arabian Stallion, Fez, large

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B-612 Arabian Rearing, Fez, large

Designer: Maureen Love

Height: 8 ½”

F1955-S1957, as Rearing Horse “Fez” (matte grey; matte white; matte chestnut [rare])

S1968-F1968, as Rearing Arabian (matte white; matte chestnut)

F2006-2007, as Rearing Fez, Large (Limited Edition of 350. Original colorways were black, bay, and chestnut, for retail price of $260. Colorways added before the run sold out were buckskin, palomino, red chestnut, and dapple grey ($310)). A small number were made in calico pinto, black pinto, charcoal, and white.

Mold Book Name: Rearing Horse

Notes: The mold was reworked to be smaller around 1956. Both small and large versions were made in 1955-57; only the large version in 1968 and thereafter.

Sub-Category: Horses Arabian