Quarter Horse Mare, Erin

Quarter Horse Mare, Erin

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B-755 Quarter Horse Mare, Erin

Designer: Maureen Love

Height: 6”

Production Dates:

F1961-S1963, as “Quarter Horse Mare” (matte buckskin, matte dun)

F1983-S1986, as “Quarter Horse Mare” (Bay, gloss or matte)

Nov. 1985, as “Quarter Horse Mare” (Special run for Denise Nelson, palomino, gloss or matte; 25 made in each finish)

Mold Book Name: Quarter Horse Mare

Notes: The name “Erin” was used on order forms for B-712 Quarter Horse Stallion “Two Bits” from F1963 to F1967 and is frequently found on stickers used on this mold. “Erin” does not appear as a name for B-755 Quarter Horse Mare on order forms, and it is unclear whether it was used on stickers on B-755; possibly the name was switched from the stallion to the mare by collectors.

Sub-Category: Horses Quarter Mustang Appaloosa