Elephant Baby “Pasha”

Elephant Baby "Pasha"

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B-628, “Elephant Baby ‘Pasha’”

Height: 3 5/8” [early Monrovia]; 3 3/8” [San Marcos]

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates:

as “Baby Elephant ‘Pasha’ S1955-F1956, S1962-F1962>

as “Baby Elephant” S1966-S1968; F1981-S1984>

Mold Book Name: Elephant, Baby

Notes: The early Monrovia version has character eyes and pink skin around eyes. Photos show: 1) late Monrovia; 2) Monrovia examples have open bottoms on three feet, and no vent hole; 3) All San Marcos feet are plugged and there is tiny vent hole in the body; 4) Early San Marcos Pasha has decorated tushes (tusks) and cornified shields (nails); 5) Late San Marcos examples only have decorated eyes; 6) Pasha was produced in blue slip with blue-gray shading for a short time, towards the end of the era (only eyes are decorated).

Sub-Category: Wildlife