Early Saddle Horse, feet together

Early Saddle Horse, feet together

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A-169, Early Saddle Horse, feet together

Height: 2 ¾”

Designer: Tom Masterson

Production Dates:

S1952-S1954, as “Saddle Horse chestnut/palomino” (Bay; Palomino)

Mold Book Name: Horse

Notes: This is also known as Saddle Horse, style 2. There are two versions of this mold, with different drawings on the Fall 1951 vs. 1952-1954 order forms. The feet-apart version appears to be the earlier one, so it must be A-146 (listed in the Mold Book in July 1951), while the later version with feet together is A-169 (July 1952).
In addition, there are at least two variations of A-169, feet together. Both are shown here.

Category: HORSES
Sub-Category: Early Horses