Duck Pond

Duck Pond

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A-228, Duck Pond

Length: 3 7/8”

Designer: Tom Masterson

Production Dates:

S1954-S1955 (Dark or light blue)

F1963-S1974, as “Duck Pond” (Dark or light blue)

F1974-F1987, as “Pond” (Dark or light blue)

S1988, as “Pond light/dark” (Dark or light blue)

F1988-F1990, as “Pond” (Dark or light blue)

S2009-present, as “Duck Pond” (Dark blue [small version])

Mold Book Name: Pond, duck

Notes: The Duck Pond was in production in 1954 and 1955, but was not printed on the order forms for those years. It forms a set with A-218 Long-Billed Duck Mama, A-219 Long-Billed Duck Baby, and A-220 Half Duck. A choice between dark and light blue was offered in Spring 1988. The mold was revised in 2009 and much reduced in size (see comparison photo) The smaller Pond holds only A-219 and A-220.

Sub-Category: Bases