Cheese Wedge

Cheese Wedge

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A-052, Cheese Wedge

Height: ½”

Designer: Will Climes

Production Dates:

F1955-S1956, S1957, F1959, as A-52 “Cheese” (Gloss yellow/red rind)

S1960, as “Cheese” (Aurasperse dark yellow)

F1961, as “Large Cheese” (Aurasperse dark yellow)

F1972-S1991, as “Large Cheese” (Gloss Yellow, Gloss yellow/red rind)

2022, as "Moldy Cheese," 66 made by HR Tennessee for Hagen-Renaker Collector's Club as a set with A-296 Deer Mouse. Issue price was $50/set. (Yellow with green "mold")

Mold Book Name: Cheese         

Notes: This piece has been misidentified as A-240 (Cheese, half wedge). It was originally paired with A-356 Mama Mouse, holding tail by belly.

Sub-Category: Other Accessories