Caterpillar Baby

Caterpillar Baby

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A-119, Caterpillar Baby

Height: 5/8”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

S1950-F1952, as “Baby Caterpillar” (Green, Green w/white spots [S-shaped mold])

S1953-F1953; S1957-F1957, as “Baby Caterpillar” (Green/yellow front; Solid green) [straight tail]

S1971-S1972; F1973; F1974-S1976, F1976-S1977 [?], as “Baby Worm” (Brown, Orange/green spots)

Mold Book Name: Worm, baby

Notes: The mold was changed in 1953 from an “S” shape to a straight-tailed version. The order forms indicate some confusion between A-038 and A-119. From Fall 1963-Fall 1969, the order forms give the number A-038, but show a drawing of A-119 Caterpillar Baby (second mold version). From Fall 1976-Spring 1977, the number given is A-119, but A-038 is shown.

Sub-Category: Caterpillars and Worms