Bisque “Big Brother” Teddy Bear

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Bisque “Big Brother” Teddy Bear

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B-102, Bisque “Big Brother” Teddy Bear

Height: 1 ½”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

S1983-F1983, as “Big Brother” (Brown, blue or red/white cap, white bow tie w/red dots [other colorways possible])


Notes: Though Miniature-sized, the Bisque Bears were part of Designer’s Workshop line. The order forms call them “Porcelain Roller Skating Teddy Bears (Bisque Porcelain with Moveable Heads).” They are the only Hagen-Renakers made of porcelain. The heads were attached with elastic bands, which have almost invariably become stretched out or even broken over time. Mold B-102 was later used for A-876, “Ski Bear ‘Gussie.’”

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