Basset Hound Papa, sitting

Basset Hound Papa, sitting

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A-959, Basset Hound Papa, sitting

Height: 1 ¼”

Designer: Maxine Renaker

Production Dates:

F1977, as “Bassett Hound” (Tricolor)

S1978-S1981, as “Papa Bassett Hound” (Tricolor)

F1981-F1989, as “Papa Bassett” (Tricolor)

S1990-S1994, as “Pape Bassett” (Tricolor) [second mold version]

Mold Book Name: none

Notes: This number is missing from the Mold Book, which skips from 958 to 960. There are two mold versions of A-959. The first version is 1 ¼” tall, sits more upright, and has a shorter nose. The mold was revised in 1990; the second version is 1 1/8” tall, has a longer nose, and a larger head which is extended forward.

Category: DOGS
Sub-Category: Hounds