Chickadee Baby

Chickadee Baby

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A-288, Baby Chickadee

Height: 5/8”

Designer: Robyn Sikking

Production Dates:

S1956, as “Baby Chickadee” (Grey bisque)

F1956, as “Baby Bird red/blue/yellow” (Red bisque, Blue bisque, Yellow bisque [all rare])

F1968, F1971-F1974, as “Baby Chickadee” (Pink/brown, Yellow/brown)

F1983-S1986, as “Chickadee” (Yellow/black)

Mold Book Name: Chickadee, baby       

Notes: The numbers A-287, Chickadee Mama, and A-288 were reversed in Charlton. The gloss yellow/black colorway does not have an adult counterpart. 

Category: BIRDS
Sub-Category: Other Birds