American Saddlebred, Honora, small

American Saddlebred, Honora, small

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B-759 American Saddlebred, Honora, small

Designer: Maureen Love

Height: 6 ¾”

Production Dates:

S1962-S1963, as “American Saddlebred”

F1963-F1964, as “American Saddlebred ‘Honora’”

S1965-F1967, as “American Saddlebred ‘Honora’ brown/white”

F1968-F1970, as “American Saddlebred” (Matte brown; matte white)

S1982-F1984, as “Saddlebred” (Bay, palomino, brown or white, gloss or matte)

F1985, as a Special Run of 100 for Black Horse Ranch. (50 each of palomino matte and palomino gloss)

Mold Book Name: American Saddlebred

Notes: This mold is a reworked, smaller version of B-679, large Honora. Apart from size, the most noticeable difference is that Large Honora has the tail attached to the hind leg, while Small Honora has the tail detached.

Sub-Category: Horses Gaited, Drafter, Pony