B-739, Bison

Height: 5 2/4”

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates:

as “Bison” F1954-F1956; S1962; F1966-S1967(gray)

as “American Bison” F1981 (red-brown, with or without and black)

Mold Book Name: Bison

Notes: White has been listed as a regular color, but this was inferred from the single albino test in the archives. No run of white is known.
Photos show: 1) Monrovia gray; 2) early San Dimas; 3) late San Dimas, when other HRs were also minimized to only red spray decoration; 4) San Marcos “American Bison”; 5) and 6) ] San Marcos possible employee custom, glossed, retouched hooves, also darker muzzle variation.

Grizzly Bear

B-738, Grizzly Bear

Height: 5 3/4”

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates:

as “Bear” S1961-F1961, F1971-F1972

as “Grizzly Bear” F1981 (brown, white or gold)

Mold Book Name: Bear

Notes: In F1981, the Grizzly Bear appeared only on the Freeman-McFarlin order form, offered in white or gold. The Bear was also made in realistic brown at San Marcos, although it never appeared on any HR San Marcos order forms. As a result, the exact season that it was made in the realistic finish is unknown. Going by the Bison, Longhorn, and FM art glaze Bears, it’s a good guess the realistic San Marcos Bear was only made F1981.
Photos show: 1) Monrovia; 2) San Dimas; 3) San Marcos matte

Elephant Baby “Pasha”

B-628, “Elephant Baby ‘Pasha’”

Height: 3 5/8” [early Monrovia]; 3 3/8” [San Marcos]

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates:

as “Baby Elephant ‘Pasha’ S1955-F1956, S1962-F1962>

as “Baby Elephant” S1966-S1968; F1981-S1984>

Mold Book Name: Elephant, Baby

Notes: The early Monrovia version has character eyes and pink skin around eyes. Photos show: 1) late Monrovia; 2) Monrovia examples have open bottoms on three feet, and no vent hole; 3) All San Marcos feet are plugged and there is tiny vent hole in the body; 4) Early San Marcos Pasha has decorated tushes (tusks) and cornified shields (nails); 5) Late San Marcos examples only have decorated eyes; 6) Pasha was produced in blue slip with blue-gray shading for a short time, towards the end of the era (only eyes are decorated).

Elephant “Rajah”

B-605, Elephant ‘Rajah’

Height: 8 ¼” [early Monrovia]; 8 1/16” [late Monrovia]

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates:

as “Elephant ‘Rajah’” S1955-S1958; S1962-F1962 

as “Elephant” S1966-S1968 (matte); F1981 (gloss)

as “Rani” 2021 (female elephant with tushes instead of tusks.  Produced by HR TN; issue price $1000)

Mold Book Name: Elephant

Notes: Photos show 1) early Monrovia with character eyes and pink skin around eyes; 2) late Monrovia

Cape Buffalo

B-602, Cape Buffalo

Height: 5 7/8”

Designer: Tom Masterson

Production Dates:

S1955 >

Mold Book Name: Buffalo, Cape