Boy with Puppy

3111, Boy with Puppy

Height: 3 ¼”

Designer: Robert McGuinness

Production Dates: S1993-S1994

Mold Book Name: Boy w/puppy

Cat on Pillow

3108, Cat on Pillow

Height: 2 3/8”

Designer: Edith Carrion

Production Dates: F1993-F1994

Mold Book Name: Pillow cat


2073, Cockapoo

Height: 1 ¾”

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates: Stoneware: F1989-1990

Mold Book Name: Cockapoo (2070)

Notes: This was also sold on a base with 2065, Skunk. The numbers of the Skunk and Cockapoo were reversed in Charlton. Also, the Mold Book number of the Cockapoo is 2070.

Kitten Walking

716, Kitten Walking

Height: 1 ¾”

Designer: Tom Masterson

Production Dates: S2000-F2001 (white, black/brown points)
2018- (cream, reddish-brown points)

Notes: This piece is a reworking of Designer’s Workshop “Tink” Walking Kitten, B-716. In the comparison photo, the 2018 version is on the left.

Mold Book Name: Kitten

Mom Cat Sitting

664, Mom Cat Sitting

Height: 3 ¾”

Designer: Will Climes

Production Dates: S2000-F2001

Notes: This piece is a reworking of the Designer’s Workshop “Tabbie” the Calypso Cat, B-664.

Mold Book Name: Cat sitting