Jiminy Cricket

5018, Jiminy Cricket

Height: 3 ½”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates: F1956

Mold Book Name: Jiminy Cricket

Notes: Jiminy Cricket was listed on the Fall 1956 order form in a column titled, “Disney Line,” which was distinguished from the “Disney Miniatures.”

Figaro Bank

5059, Figaro Bank

Height: 5 ½”

Designer: Don Winton

Production Dates: F1956-S1957

Mold Book Name: Figaro Bank

Notes: The coins are fed through the cat’s mouth. These banks may have been sold with a rubber plug for the base.

Notes: This bank was briefly re-released in the Designer’s Workshop line in Fall 1967, as B-774 “Cat Bank.” This version is not a Disney piece and is extremely rare.