Puppy, sitting, large

A-4045, Puppy, sitting, large

Height: 1 ½”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

S2008-F2009, as “Puppy sitting” (Black/white)

Mold Book Name: Puppy

Notes: This piece appears to be a larger version of A-499, Puppy, seated. One photo shows decorating variations.

Happy Hound

A-4048, Happy Hound


Designer: Bob McGuinness

Production Dates:

S2009-2021 (Black and white)

2011, Special Run for HW Sales, 60 made (Brown)

Mold Book Name: Happy Dog (standing)

Notes: The Special Run formed a set with A-457, “Swaps” in grey blanket Appaloosa. 


A-3387 Sapsaree                                         

Height: 2”

Designer: Robert McGuinness

Production Dates:

F2003-S2005 (Brown)

Mold Book Name: Sapsaree      

Notes: The Sapsaree or Sapsali is a Korean breed; the name is said to mean “one who wards off evil spirits.”


A-3374 “Brin”                                                            

Height: 2 ¼”

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates:

F2002-S2005 (Liver)

Mold Book Name: “Brin”

Notes: “Brin” is a portrait model of one of Maureen Love’s real dogs.

Bad Puppy

A-3069, Bad Puppy                             

Height: ¾”

Designer: Robert McGuinness

Production Dates:

F1992-F1993 (Brown/white, Orange/white)

Mold Book Name: Baaad Puppy

Notes: The Mold Book name displays a little humor.

Good Puppy

A-3068, Good Puppy                                      

Height: 5/8”

Designer: Robert McGuinness

Production Dates:

F1992-S1994 (Brown/white, Orange/white)

Mold Book Name: Good Puppy

Pup, scratching 

A-2083, Pup, scratching                      

Height: 1”

Designer: Robert McGuinness

Production Dates:

F1990-S2003 (Brown/white)

Mold Book Name: Scratching puppy      

Curbstone Setter

A-2063, Curbstone Setter                               

Height: 1 1/8”

Designer: Nell Bortells

Production Dates:

S1990-F1991 (White/brown spots)

Mold Book Name: Curbstone Setter