Arabian Colt, Zilla, large

Arabian Colt, Zilla, large

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B-645 Arabian Foal Zilla, large

Designer: Maureen Love

Height: 7”

Production Dates:

F1956-F1957, as “Arabian Filly ‘Zilla’”

S1958, as “Arabian Filly ‘Zilla’ white/grey”

S1962-F1962; S1968, as “Arabian Colt grey/white” (matte rose grey, white, or brown [rare])

S1981-F1984, as “Zilla” (palomino, white, or grey, gloss or matte)

2006-2021, as “Large Zilla” (Limited Edition of 500. Released in Spring 2006 in gloss bay and palomino. In Fall 2006, dapple grey was offered. More colors were added in 2008. Retail price was $190, $215 for dapple grey.)

A total of 93 were made in the following colorways: 25 dapple grey, 21 bay, 20 palomino, 12 charcoal, 4 buckskin, 4 dark chestnut, 2 white, 2 black, 2 chestnut, 1 rose grey).

Mold Book Name: Arabian Colt

Sub-Category: Horses Arabian