Turning Arabian

Turning Arabian

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B-650 Turning Arabian

Designer: Maureen Love

Height: 6”

Production Dates:

F1955-S1957 (?) as “Abu-Farwa” (?) (matte white; see Notes)

S1968-F1968, as “Turning Arabian” (satin matte chestnut)

2009-2021, as “Arabian” (Available in gloss charcoal gray, black, bay, dark chestnut, chestnut, gray, white, rose gray, buckskin, palomino, black and white pinto, calico pinto, dapple grey. Retail price $125, $150 for dapple grey. A total of 85 were made.)

Mold Book Name: Uncertain. The Mold Book entries for B-649 and B-650 were originally blank. “Abu-Farwa as B-635” was penned in with tiny letters for B-649 and “Abdullah as 621” for B-650.

Notes: This mold does not appear on 1950s order forms, but it is regularly found in matte white with 1950s stickers reading “Abu-Farwa” (both white pieces shown here have this sticker). Therefore, it seems likely that some pieces released between F1955 and 1957 as “Abu-Farwa” were actually mold B-649 rather than B-621. Note that mold numbers did not appear on order forms at this time. The number B-650 instead of B-649 for Turning Arabian on the 1968 order forms may have been an error. See also B-621 Abu-Farwa.

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