Toadstool, Large

Toadstool, Large

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A-2501, Toadstool, Large

Height: up to 3”, depending on angle of cap attachment

Designer: unknown

Production Dates:

1955 (as Pixie accessory) (Light grey, pink gills)

S1969-S1973 (in Designer's Workshop line (Cream, coral gills)

F1973-S1979, as “Large Mushroom” (Cream, cream gills)

Mold Book Name: Toadstool     

Notes: Toadstools A-2501, A-2502, and A-2503 were first released in 1955 with the Millesan Drews pixies. They were reissued from Spring 1969 to Spring 1973 as Designer’s Workshop pieces, and subsequently as Miniatures.

In the Pixie line only, buyers had the option of "straight" or "crooked" stems. The caps are attached at varying angles which may change the height of the finished piece.

Sub-Category: Plants and Fungi