Bluebird / Blue Jay 

Bluebird / Blue Jay 

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A-064, Bluebird / Blue Jay                   

Height: ½”

Designer: Martha Armstrong

Production Dates:

F1965-F1966, as “Bluebird” [original mold] (Blue [rare])

S1967-F1975, as “Bluebird” [revised mold] (Blue)

F1976-S1981, as A-985 “Blue Jay” [revised mold] (Blue/black)

F1983-F1987, as A-064 “Blue Jay” [revised mold] (Blue/black)

Mold Book Name: Bluebird   

Notes: This is also known as “Bluebird, style 1.” The original mold was the Disney “Bluebird” from Sleeping Beauty. The photo shown here is a Disney version in Aurasperse; the exact appearance of the reissue is uncertain, but it cannot have been Aurasperse, as that finish was discontinued in 1961.

In 1967, the mold was revised and made much thinner, but the number was not changed. In 1976, the revised mold was given the number A-985 and called Blue Jay. In 1983, the order forms reverted to the number A-064.

Category: BIRDS
Sub-Category: Other Birds