Thoroughbred Racehorse “Sea Biscuit”

Thoroughbred Racehorse “Sea Biscuit”

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A-010, Thoroughbred Racehorse “Sea Biscuit”

Height: 2 ¾”

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates:

F1961-S1962, as “Sea Biscuit” (Matte bay)

F1968, as “Sea Biscuit” (Matte buckskin)

S1994-F1999, as “Sea Biscuit” (Gloss bay with chestnut variations/base)

S2004-2021, as A-4005 “Seabiscuit” (Gloss bay/base, with [earliest] or without eyewhites and lip liner)

1995, Special Run for the Hagen Renaker Collector’s Club, 235 made (Gloss white/base)

2006, as FS40051, Special Run for Little-Shoppe feng shui (Gold/base)

Mold Book Name:Seabiscuit”

Category: HORSES
Sub-Category: Thoroughbreds