Thoroughbred Mare, Comella

Thoroughbred Mare, Comella

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B-750, Thoroughbred Mare, “Comella”

Height: approx. 5 ½”

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates:

F1961-S1965 (matte bay or matte buckskin, white bi-eye)

F1968-S1972, as “Thoroughbred Mare” (matte bay or matte buckskin, orange bi-eye )

2005-2021, as “Comella” (Limited Edition, originally sold on a base, later with no base. Original color was dapple grey with (early) or without white hooves. By 2020, color choices had been extended to charcoal gray, black, bay, dark chestnut, chestnut, gray, white, rose gray, buckskin, palomino, black & white pinto, calico pinto. Retail price was $225; $250 for dapple grey. A total of 321 were made.)

Mold Book Name: Thorobred Mare

Sub-Category: Horses Thoroughbred