Thoroughbred Colt, Vanguard

Thoroughbred Colt, Vanguard

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B-751, Thoroughbred Colt, “Vanguard”

Height: approx. 4 ¾”

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates:

F1961-S1965 (matte bay or matte buckskin, white bi-eye)

F1968-S1972, as “Thoroughbred Colt,” (matte bay or matte buckskin, dot eye)

2020, as “Baby New Year” (gloss chestnut. 21 made by Hagen-Renaker Tennessee and offered to H-R Collector’s Club members via lottery. Issue price was $500.

2021-, as "Bramble." (grey, Nostalgia finish. Produced by HR Tennessee for Hagen-Renaker Collector's Club members only. Issue price $650.)

Mold Book Name: Thorobred Colt

Notes: The comparison photo shows the difference in clay slip colors for bays, even from the same (late Monrovia) sub-era. This makes it difficult for collectors to find a truly matched Comella-Vanguard pair.

"Agile" (B-772 Kelso in grey) was produced as a companion piece to "Bramble."

Sub-Category: Horses Thoroughbred