Thoroughbred and Jockey

Thoroughbred and Jockey

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B-760 Thoroughbred and Jockey

Designer: Maureen Love

Height: 6 ½”

Production Dates:

F1962 (matte bay [extremely rare])

2009-2010 (Limited Edition, 19 made: 8 rose grey (one green, two red, and five blue silks); 6 charcoal (three red, two blue, one green), 3 dark chestnut (one blue, one green, one unknown), 2 dapple (one red, one blue).

Mold Book Name: Horse & Jockey

Notes: Due to its fragility and breakage rate, this piece was made in very small numbers.

A much smaller version was produced for the Specialties line as 3297, Race Horse and Jockey.

Sub-Category: Horses Thoroughbred