Terrier “Tramp”

Terrier “Tramp”

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A- 079, Terrier “Tramp”

Height: 2 ¼”

Designer: Don Winton

Production Dates:

F1966-F1968 as A-079 “Terrier” (Chestnut, dot eyes; White, black & brown spots [htf])

S1971-S1973, as A-93 “Terrier” (Chestnut, eyewhites)

S1988-S1992, as A-93 “Terrier” (Red-brown/white zigzag markings, Light brown and white)

Mold Book Name: Terrier (Tramp)        

Notes: This is the Disney “Tramp” mold from Lady and the Tramp. It appears in the Miniatures section of the Mold Book both as 079 and 093.

Category: DOGS
Sub-Category: Mutts