Teddy Bear, Big Brother

Teddy Bear, Big Brother

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A-466, Teddy Bear, Big Brother                            

Height: ¾”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

S1959-S1960, as “Big Brother Teddy” (Dark or light brown/detailed face)

F1965-S1969, as “Bear (brother)” (Dark or light brown, with or without facial detail)

S1970-F1975; F1976-S1992; F1995-S2000, as “Brother Teddy Bear” (Light brown, no facial detail)

[dates unknown] European Special Run (Black)

Mold Book Name: Bear, little bro sitting

Notes: This piece has been sometimes incorrectly attributed to Don Winton, who sculpted the Disney Michael’s Teddy Bear.

Category: WILDLIFE
Sub-Category: Bears