Mustang, Sun Cortez

Mustang, Sun Cortez

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B-674 Mustang, Sun Cortez

Designer: Maureen Love

Height: 6”

Production Dates:

1957, as “Wild Horse (Turning) palomino/black” (matte palomino, matte black)

S1958, as “Wild Horse (Turning) white/palomino”;  

S1959, as “Wild Horse ‘Sun Cortez’ white/palomino” (matte palomino, matte white)

S1968, as “Wild Stallion” (bay/brown [?] [rare])

S1982-F1984, as B-40 “Mustang (head turned)” (S1982-S1984 gloss or matte white or black; F1984 gloss or matte grey or bay)

c. 2014-2021, as “Sun Cortez” (Available in gloss charcoal gray, black, bay, dark chestnut, chestnut, gray, white, rose gray, buckskin, palomino, black and white pinto, calico pinto, dapple grey. Retail price $325, $350 for dapple grey).

Mold Book Name: Horse, Twisting

Notes: There are at least two mold variations. The earliest mold has a distinctive flipped-up section of mane and a more sharply turned neck. The later mold has a smoother mane, more facial detail, and less turn to the neck. See comparison photo.

Sub-Category: Horses Quarter Mustang Appaloosa