Stump, flat

Stump, flat

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A-387, Stump, flat

Height: 7/8”

Designer: Will Climes

Production Dates:

F1959, as “Stump” (Grey bisque)

S1970; F1972-S1973, as “Stump” (Grey bisque; Brown gloss)

Mold Book Name: Stump

Notes: This is also known as Stump, style 1. It was paired with A-198 Flirting Rabbit Mama in 1959, and with the Beavers A-498 and A-499 in the 1970s. It is sometimes referred to as a “rabbit seat,” but was never used by the factory as a seat for rabbits. However, in the 1959-60 Boxed Miniatures Set “E,” it had a Little Brother Teddy Bear affixed to the top.

Sub-Category: Plants and Fungi