Robyn’s Squirrel Baby

Robyn’s Squirrel Baby

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A-272, Robyn’s Squirrel Baby

Height: 3/4”

Designer: Robyn Sikking

Production Dates:

F1955, as “Baby Squirrel” (Grey bisque, Red-brown bisque)

S1956; F1959, as “Baby Squirrel (grey/brown)” (Grey bisque, Red-brown bisque)

S1960-F1961, as “Baby Squirrel” (Grey bisque, Red-brown bisque)

F1969-F1980, as “Baby Squirrel, grey/brown” (Gloss blue-grey, Gloss mud brown, Gloss red-brown

Mold Book Name: Squirrel, baby

Notes: Designer Robyn Sikking produced and sold figurines from her own pottery, Robyn’s Ceramics, prior to working for Hagen-Renaker. Squirrels A-271 and A-272 are slightly reduced versions of Robyn’s original designs, and the first HR colorways imitated her bisque grey and brown finishes with white “frosted” details.

Some of the bisque pieces have a short wire inserted near the tip of the tail, to secure the piece in a plant or elsewhere.


Category: WILDLIFE
Sub-Category: Rodents