Robyn’s Squirrel Baby

Robyn’s Squirrel Baby

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A-272, Robyn’s Squirrel Baby

Height: 3/4”

Designer: Robyn Sikking

Production Dates:

F1955, as “Baby Squirrel” S1956; F1959, as “Baby Squirrel (grey/brown)” (Grey bisque, Red-brown bisque)

S1960-F1961, as “Baby Squirrel” (Grey bisque, Red-brown bisque)

F1969-F1980, as “Baby Squirrel, grey/brown” (Gloss blue-grey, Gloss mud brown, Gloss red-brown

Mold Book Name: Squirrel, baby

Notes: Designer Robyn Sikking produced and sold figurines from her own pottery, Robyn’s Ceramics, prior to working for Hagen-Renaker. Squirrels A-271 and A-272 are slightly reduced versions of Robyn’s original designs, and the first HR colorways imitated her bisque grey and brown finishes with white “frosted” details.

To distinguish from the Hagen-Renaker versions, squirrels produced by Robyn have words inscribed on the base and/or solid black or charcoal feet. 

Some of the bisque pieces have a short wire inserted near the tip of the tail, to secure the piece in a plant or elsewhere.

Category: WILDLIFE
Sub-Category: Rodents