Race Horse with Jockey

Race Horse with Jockey

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3297, Race Horse with Jockey

Height: 4 ½”

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates: S1999-F2002 (bay horse, jockey with salmon red silks)

S2003-2017 (bay horse, jockey with teal green, light green, orange, bright blue, or dark blue silks)

2017-2021 (bay horse, jockey with purple, light blue or green silks)

[c. 2010] Special Run for Little-Shoppe (rose grey horse; jockey with red silks)

Mold Book Name: Race Horse; Jockey (3298)

Notes: This piece was based on Designer's Workshop B-760, Thoroughbred and Jockey. There are many variations; some have been seen without jockeys.

The release dates of several of the colorways are uncertain. A tentative timeline: 


1999-2002/3, salmon
2002/3-2006/7, light blue
2006/7, teal green 
2007, orange
? light green
2017-present, purple
2018- light blue
2019- green/dark-skinned jockey

Some pieces may lack luster on the silks; dark blue without luster is illustrated. 

Photos courtesy of Diana R. Dubbeld. 

Sub-Category: Specialties Horses